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Barracks Creek Bridge
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 2 months



Project Overview

Barracks Creek Bridge was designed and built by Complex in August of 2020. The purpose of the bridge provided a key link to the Queanbeyan shared path network.

The bridge was designed and constructed with a minimum 22.5 T load limit to allow crossing of Council service vehicles as well as the Rural Fire Service. The bridge was 3.2m wide with a single span 9.1m integral bridge deck.

Project Features

  • InQuik Bridge Installation
  • Traffic and pedestrian management
  • Construction over waterway
  • Environmental protection and CEMP
  • Sediment and erosion controls
  • Demo of existing bridge
  • Bored pier construction
  • Concrete works including abutments, wingwalls and deck
  • Approach slab construction
  • Rock Scour Protection
  • Handrail installation
  • Landscape restoration

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