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Boboyan Road Upgrade Site 1 & site 2 rehabilitation
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 3 months


 ACT Government

Project Overview

Boboyan Road road provides access to the Namadgi National Park and multiple rural properties in ACT and NSW. The project consisted of road upgrade works at 2 discrete sites that had been assessed as unsafe and badly deteriorated from erosion. Site 1, is situated 10km from the Southern ACT/NSW border, adjacent to an existing sealed section of Boboyan Road. Site 2, is situated 2km from the Southern ACT/ NSW border, adjacent to Settlers Trail Carpark (Brayshaws Homestead).

Extensive environmental surveys and planning was implemented to manage works within the National Park. Both sites were subject to special consideration of environmental factors, including the management of works in areas with rare plant species, hollow bearing trees and fauna habitats, as well as the restoration of areas with Native Seed and Plant species. Environmental performance was described by the client as “setting a standard for future projects”.

Road upgrade works involved significant changes to the road geometry, widening and construction of stormwater drainage. Pavement upgrade works included lime stabilisation of subgrades and 1.7% and 5% cement stabilised gravel overlays. Works were completed under adverse weather conditions, during consistent periods of rain and snow. Despite the inclement weather, a combination of strategic programming, staging and a traffic management led to the completion of the works to an extremely high standard

Project Features

  • Unique traffic management detours Landscaping with Native Seed and Plantings
  • Fauna habitat construction
  • Lime Stabilised subgrade
  • Cement Stabilised base course
  • Table drains and Catch Drains
  • Bulk earthworks and excavation in rock
  • Road signs
  • Stone Pitching
  • Rock lined V- Drains
  • CEMP development and implementation
  • Traffic management
  • Vegetation clearing and pruning

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