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DSS35 & DSS36
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 $3.3M (combined)




 8 months



Project Overview

DSS (Deep Space Station) 35 & 36 Beam Waveguide Antenna’s are new additions to NASA’s Canberra’s Deep Space Communications Complex at Tidbinbilla. The station provides resources for communication with existing deep space exploration missions and planned future missions. Complex was engaged to provide external site servicing facilities for the space station.

Construction works included bulk excavation, explosive blasting, underground services (inc. nitrogen, stormwater, electrical, gas, water and communications), concrete service tunnels, multiple culvert crossings, flexible pavements and structural steel works. The concrete hardstand surrounding DSS35 featured a unique ‘night sky cooling’ system, used to dissipate heat from electrical componentry via water filled lines cast into the concrete slab.

Servicing works were undertaken simultaneously with the antenna construction, requiring close coordination with CSIRO, NASA and JPL. All works met high regard from the client and were completed without any safety, environmental or qualify non-conformances.

Project Features

  • Remote works with restricted communications (no mobile usage on site)
  • Collaborative works with multiple external subcontractors
  • Bulk and detailed earthworks up to 10m deep
  • Explosive rock blasting adjacent to highly calibrated equipment
  • Bedrock ‘dental work’
  • Stormwater, water, nitrogen, electrical and communication services
  • 20m long x 3m deep cast on- site concrete service trench
  • Transformer bunding
  • Building foundations and construction
  • Major concrete works
  • Major flexible pavement works
  • Structural steel works
  • Water storage tanks and water recycling system

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