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Kingsford Smith School Pump Track
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Project Overview

The Kingsford Smith School Pump Track project was commissioned to provide a bicycle skills facility to encourage students to ride their bikes to school and develop bike skills in a safe and fun environment. The “pump” track circuit consists of a series of rollers, berms and jumps, designed with specific geometry to allow riders to “pump” through the track to create momentum without the need for pedalling. Complex developed an innovative track design for the project that offers riders 8 possible line choice combinations, effectively providing 750m of track.

The track is constructed from natural materials, including imported sandy clay fill and a decomposed granite overlay. Complex included a special polymer binder admixture to the decomposed granite overlay, significantly increasing long-term durability. The adjacent landscape of the track was also improved as part of the works, featuring native plantings and grasses consistent with existing vegetation.

Through careful design and quality management Complex were able to deliver an exceptional project that met and exceeded the clients expectations, without any variation to budget

Project Features

  • Innovative track design
  • Limited budget
  • Limited timeframe for completion
  • Working with vulnerable people
  • Complex earthworks geometry and compaction
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Polymer wearing course admixtures
  • Native planting
  • Extensive testing

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