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Mount Stromlo Fire Trail
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 2 months


 ACT Government

Project Overview

Mount Stromlo Fire Trail is situated in the vicinity of Australian National University and alongside Mount Stromlo Observatory in the Canberra, ACT. The Fire Trail provides emergency access for fire Bridget Trucks as well as maintenance access. At approximate of 4.4 Kilometres of the Trail #1 to Trail #4, the section of the road pavement was badly deteriorated as well as affected from high volumes of and stormwater ingress and saturated over rain events which would cause blocking off and getting stuck by heavy vehicles.

The project completed by Complex Co and conducted a heavy maintenance grade of 4.4km of fire access roads on the ANU Mount Stromlo Observatory (MSO) site to ensure the road is trafficable under all weather conditions maintenance of surface layer and provide smooth and widening of the road specifically for Fire Trucks access as well as ensuring trail surfaces are capable of carrying vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of 4 tonnes and an axle load of 2 tonnes, medium 4WD tanker or equivalent.

Restoration of table drains as well as washouts and erosion sites along the length of the route, including adding up to 50mm of top-up material to the roadway where required. Following all maintenance works, some sections required to excavate the soft areas to the depth of 450mm and proceed with installation of MASTAGrid Composite Geogrid at the bottom to reinforce the subgrade and installation of 100mm nominal size of Basalt Gabion Rocks between and wrap the Geogrid on top to create a bridge and allow spring water flows through.

Complex completed the project ahead of schedule and were highly commended by the client.

Project Features

  • Heavy Maintenance Grade of Fire Access
  • Restoration of Table Drains
  • Restoration Washouts and erosion sites along the length of the route
  • Maintenance of existing turnaround bays and Road widening
  • Construction of V-Drains
  • Bridging over soft areas
  • Stone pitching
  • Road signs and pavement marking

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