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Mulligans Flat Predator Proof Fence Stage 2
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 4 months


 ACT Government

Project Overview

The project included the extension of the Mulligans Flat predator proof fence through the Goorooyaroo Nature Reserve, providing a sanctuary area for scientific research and biodiversity.

The works required the demolition of the exiting fence along Horse Park Drive, construction of 15 culvert crossings, construction of a 6.7km electrified predator proof fence and 2km non-electrified section. 50mm road base was placed adjacent to the fence to prevent burrowing of predators below. Pedestrian and combined vehicle and pedestrian gates were placed along the fence line including rigid pavement at the gates. The electric fence construction involved installations for future telemetry and installation of energisers and relevant electric fence hardware.

The project required attention to environmental protection requiring an Unexpected Finds Protocol and Construction Environmental Management Plan. The remote location required consideration of WHS controls particular to a remote area, bushfire awareness and communication plans. On site ANU research plots required protective measures to mitigate risk of damage. All works where heavily scrutineered and met high regard from the client

Project Features

  • Working in remote locations
  • Works within a wildlife sanctuary
  • Works in environmentally sensitive area
  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Culverts and Headwalls
  • Conduit trenching
  • Fencing
  • Electrified Fencing
  • Swing Gates
  • Concrete Pavements
  • Compaction of road base to prevent burrowing

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