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Old Well Station Road Rehabilitation
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 3 months


 ACT Government

Project Overview

Old Well Station road is situated between Morisset Road and the Federal Highway in Mitchell, ACT. The road provides access to EPIC, Canberra Park Resort and a number of commercial works places. A 550m section of the road pavement at the northern end was badly deteriorated from high volumes of heavy vehicle traffic and stormwater ingress.

The project involved rehabilitation of the pavement, widening of the road and improving stormwater capacity. Stormwater upgrades included cutting of swale drains in the verges and construction of a series of new plantation sumps, stormwater pipes and road crossing culverts, flowing into an adjacent dam and existing stormwater networks. During construction the management of stormwater flows was critical to protect the nearby Sullivans Creek from contamination, and ensure water ingress did not damage the new pavement. Complex used a combination of strategic programming and a unique traffic management detour through EPIC to ensure the works were completed without any environmental or quality non- conformances.

Complex completed the project 2 weeks ahead of schedule and were highly commended by the client.

Project Features

  • Unique traffic management detours
  • Adjustment of existing services (inc. Telstra and NBN)
  • Adjustment of 375mm watermain alignment and hydrant
  • Recycling and blending of milled asphalt to create select pavement base material
  • Stormwater pipes, sumps and culverts
  • Road widening
  • Flexible pavements interfacing with existing
  • Guardrail
  • Stone pitching
  • Road signs and pavement marking
  • Landscaping

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