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Road Safety Barrier Upgrades
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 3 months


 ACT Government

Project Overview

The Road Safety Barrier Upgrades project was located along one of Canberra’s busiest motorways, Tuggeranong Parkway which carries about 35,000 vehicles per day and was delivered during off peak hours as well as on weekends to avoid traffic disruption.

The Road Safety Barrier Upgrades project involved removal of 4.8 km existing guardrail and terminals, installation of new Ramshield guardrails as well as MSKT terminals, trailing terminals and Universal TAU-M crash cushions.

Bridge works included replacement of bridge rails on three separate bridges on both the Northbound and Southbound sides of the parkway.

Complex was commended by the project officer for completing the job under a strict deadline as well as well as the commitment to safety on the job.

Project Features

  • Temporary traffic management
  • NCA Works approval
  • Collaborative works with multiple stakeholders
  • Demolition and removal of existing guardrail and terminals.
  • Installation of new guardrail and terminals
  • Demolition of concrete end terminals
  • Cast in situ extensions of concrete bridge terminals
  • Precast concrete terminal extensions
  • Steel driven piles
  • Bridge rail replacemen

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